Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Invisible Bridge

Anyone who has read my book, "The Invisible Bridge," knows that I started writing it two days after my husband's funeral.  What I probably didn't mention was how often he and I used to go to the local Huddle House!  We both loved to eat out, and that seemed to be his favorite place to go!

Mama and I haven't eaten there much, today was probably only the third or fourth time since Odie's death.  Combine that with the oldies music they usually play - much of it from the seventies or early eighties when Odie and I were either dating or just married - and the fact that I haven't been able to get him off my mind for the last two days - and I'll admit that it was just a bit difficult for me to maintain my equilibrium.

Impossible to say how much I still miss him!  Next month would have been our 37th wedding anniversary, y'all.  So for those who are wondering - after about a year and a half, it's better, it gets easier to be a widow, you might even go for days or weeks without a sad thought.  That doesn't mean it won't all come crashing down around you occasionally. 

Especially if you're approaching a wedding anniversary!

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