Sunday, April 28, 2013

Unconditional Grace

Below is an excerpt from my own book, "Unconditional Grace," which was posted on facebook by my niece.  This is just a little book of prayers, but it has sold out in some of the stores locally.  I gave a copy to a friend for her mother (who has cancer), and my friend keeps telling me that her mother reads the whole book through each and every night, and won't let anyone else touch her copy.  Another friend bought a copy for a friend of hers, a young woman who is dying from a rare, incurable form of cancer.  Her friend told her it "was the perfect gift."  I am absolutely blown away by the effect it has on people!  And I thank God for putting these words on paper through me!
“Deliver me, Father, for my heart breaks, and my soul is wounded within me. My days slip away like shadows, and who can help? But I know that You go before me wherever I go, making my paths straight, making my way joyous, surrounding me with Your infinite wisdom and unparalleled protection. I know that Your hand guides and directs me always, and I exist from moment to moment within the sacred sphere of Your unending, unconditional grace and love. I am enfolded at all times within Your Sacred Presence, and You direct all of my ways, each and every one of my footsteps. You dry my tears, Father, and make them as if they had not been. I give You each of my days, and You take my hand and guide me through the hills and valleys of my life, shielding me in every storm so that I do not slip or fall, making my soul radiant with Your love and protection. You saturate each of my days with peace, and my life overflows with the miracles You pour into my life. Your blessings constantly fall down upon my head and flow unchecked through the hours of my days. Your brilliance, Father, illuminates every darkness, enlightening every nook and cranny of my existence, saturating my soul with Your all-encompassing love. I live and breathe in Your presence. Without you I am nothing. Thank You, Father, for being here beside me through all the long, lonely hours. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen." - Excerpt from “Unconditional Grace”, a book of prayers written by my aunt, Nancy Millikin Tubbs and available on Amazon. I think she was looking into my brain when she wrote this prayer. It completely summarizes how I am feeling these days.

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