Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Fresh and Crispy: Journal of an Italian Walking Tour

On May 26th, I went to Italy with my sister Kay and her oldest daughter, Lisa (with Trafalgar Tour Company).  I haven't traveled much in my life, and this was my first time ever out of the country.  Before I had even left, I realized that both my family and friends were all expecting me to write about the experience.

Reasonable, since I write about everything that happens to me!  I took a lot of notes, while riding on buses and trains.  What surprised me most was just how quickly that became a book!  It is already online on Amazon.

So many embarrassing things seemed to happen to us that embarrassment quickly became the theme of the book.  And, in part, because the first book I ever published had held so much sadness and grief, I really wanted this book to be just the opposite.  I wanted it to be as humorous as possible.

Those who have read it thus far tell me that I've succeeded.  You'll have to read it and judge for yourself, though!

(Note - An email I received this morning from another member of the tour group mentioned a hangover - I was making sure everyone's first name appeared in the book, and she was glad I hadn't known about that hangover!  I told her that there was always the possibility of a sequel - about embarrassing things that everyone else did on the tour!  Not a bad idea, at that!)