Friday, August 9, 2013

How to Find Your Sense of Humor

How to Find Your Sense of Humor

Sometimes, a sense of humor seems to go missing. Here are some tips on how to locate yours when you haven't seen it in a while.

Where did you last see it? Sometimes, a sense of humor can fall through a crack in the floor, just slip sliding all the way down to the ground, and then you really have to dig for it. This is especially likely after you've received a serious blow of some sort. I somehow lost mine after my husband's death, and over a year and a half later, when I wasn't even expecting it, finally found it again in Italy.
I had never been to Italy before, so I didn't realize that it had gotten that far away! Who knew?
Could someone else have taken it? This actually happens more often than you might think, especially if there's someone in your path that you're not getting along with. I had someone at Pizza Hut take mine once, simply because she didn't wait on me when I felt she was supposed to.
Took me until the next day to find it, and then I realized no one had really taken it anyway. It was just buried under my sense of self-righteous indignation. Last place I would have thought to have looked.
Could it have simply run out? This really isn't all that common, although there are times when it can feel as if it is. Life can batter away at a sense of humor until it feels as if it's just been beaten to a pulp and is beyond resuscitation. Humor is surprisingly hardy, though, and given enough time, it can, and usually will, survive. In fact, this generally tends to make a good sense of humor stronger than ever.
My advice? Take your sense of humor out and beat it silly at least once a week. Make it really strong!
Could it have gotten loose and run away? I'd have to answer "yes" to this one, because, as I said, I found mine in Italy. I don't know how it got that far away. Obviously, left to its own devices, my sense of humor just wants to play and have fun from the crack of dawn until well into the night, especially in a land where wine flows like water. This is all well and good, but somebody has to pay the bills! (I didn't say me, but obviously, somebody has to!)
My sense of humor apparently loves wine, by the way. Makes it get a little goofy. Or maybe it's always like that.
If, after all of this, you still haven't found your sense of humor, my advice would be to just relax. It'll show up when it gets ready, and probably when you least expect it.
And, possibly, at the most inappropriate of times. (Mine loves to do that!)

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